Talking Tom Bubble Shooter – A Bubble Poppin’ Adventure


In recent iterations, Talking Tom has proven to be more than just a cat that’s begging for food or wanting to be cleaned and fed. He’s been a superhero, and he’s also been chasing after criminal raccoons. Here in Talking Tom Bubble Shooter, you’ll be challenging your friends or other people to level up, unlock Tom’s friends, and prove you’re the best partner Tom’s ever had.

The game features battles against bosses standing between you and your path towards dominating the Bubble Shooting scene. Your road to the path to the top is colorful and fun, but can you take it just a little seriously to make sure your journey is unimpeded?

Another Addicting Game from Talking Tom

Talking Tom is yet again joined by his friends in this fun bubble shooter. It’s one heck of a ride from start to finish – you can play with definitely customized characters and face off against the bosses decked in different costumes.

These, along with the chance to face off against your friends in a battle of who’s the best, are only a few of the things you can do in this entertaining Talking Tom game.

No Way to Go Up But Through Winning

In other games, winning comes in different forms. Sometimes you need to overrun an opponent’s base. There are also the MOBAs where you need to destroy their defenses first before you manage to take over the opposing team’s base. In the case of this game, you need to defeat bosses and, in general, win to level up and continue your win. If you’re great at giving Talking Tom and friends the victories, then there’s no way to go but up.

Battle Against Randoms and Friends

Most games today thrive on connecting people and this game is no different. In this game, you don’t just play Tom – Gina, Ben, and most of Tom’s friends join him in this game. You can play as Tom sometimes and you’re welcome to choose anyone else aside from Tom. Get to popping, and you’ll be able to count yourself among the best of the best at the top of the leaderboards.

Special Powers, Special Stickers

This game features bubbles that you need to pop to move through, but that’s not all. A sticker sometimes pops-up every time you defeat a boss. The bubbles, on the other hand, hide many secrets, but they’re no match for Bombs, Lightning, and Lasers – tools in your arsenal that Tom can use to pop the bubbles. Shoot for stickers, but even more so, shoot for the win!

You can play Talking Tom Bubble Shooter even if you’re not a kid. It’s mean for all ages, and the fun is also adaptable for all ages. Who said bubble shooting is just for babies? Test your accuracy, or better yet, show your friends who’s Talking Tom’s best partner in this game. Download it now and check it out for yourself!

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