Clean Road – A Fairly Honest Look at the Game


It’s a strange game to play, for sure, if you’re living in a country where snow is frequent and plowing that snow is considered work. However, Clear Road exists and there’s the question of whether it is a fun emulation of working during the snow, or it is work presented as a fun game.

SayGames does enough to make the game fun, though, and they’ve put in the work to make it interesting. If you’re going to roleplay, you might say that the game is fun. Try imagining that you’re clearing the road to plow the way for people escaping a weather crisis, instead of just being the plow drive so that people can get to where they want to go. That’ll be something to get your mind going, right?

Let’s take a look at this review and find out if this game is worth it.

Become the Rescuer of Neighbors

The game’s premise is that you are the driver of the bright red truck with a snowplow. You plow through the aforementioned snow and the icy boulders, as well as the different icy hazards (including frozen carrots) along the way. Your neighbors are counting on you to plow the snow away from their driveway, or else, they’ll…reward you with a game over.

Impatient Neighbors and Snow Hazards

Impatient neighbors are the least of your worries here, but they’re an unwelcome nuisance. As if all the snow hazards aren’t enough to get you a ‘game over,’ your neighbors are also trying to get you into one, too.

Your game is over when you happen to be unlucky enough to run into a hidden hazard in the snow. Similarly, an unfortunate ‘game over’ is when a neighbor impatiently (and ungratefully) rams into your truck.

Levels Progress Beyond the Snow

With a title like Clean Road, you’d expect that there are different levels beyond snow-covered pathways, right? Well, you’ve guessed correctly if you thought the snowplow becomes a different road-clearing machine at one point. Once you manage to pass through snow-covered roads, you’ll also need to clear roads full of what looks like hay and debris. Once you’ve cleared those of any obstructions, it’s time again for the traffic to impatiently follow you through.

Quick Rating and Ads

Perhaps one of the many pitfalls of playing a game comes from running too many ads, and Clean Road falls victim to this. No one can fault SayGames for trying to make a quick buck, but too many ads are too many. Add to that the rating pop-up that comes out after you’ve just started the game. It could use some work, such as popping out when players have gotten a chance to play the game a little longer.

Save for all these shortcomings, it’s fair to give a chance to Clean Road. It’s one of those games that you play when you’re trying to escape boredom or when you’ve got nothing to do. If progressing from level to level is your thing, then download the game for PC now, and see for yourself whether it’s a game you’d like to play.

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