Let the Sea Show Come Home in My Dolphin Show


Do you still remember the first time you watched a dolphin or whale show? You’ve marveled for certain at how the trainers managed to train the magnificent creatures to follow their command. Even more so, you might be astonished at how the dolphins seem to adapt very quickly to following the commands of their trainers as they jump and swim to the delight of the crowd.

Grab your chance at becoming a renowned dolphin trainer in My Dolphin Show. My Dolphin Show is beloved by many young fans, and you’d be surprised how many have come to love it too. You’ll be taken to seven locations to showcase your talent at creating an amazing show. This includes areas like Las Vegas and Hawaii. But that’s not all! Take a look at these various features and see for yourself whether it’s a great download.

Develop your Dolphins

In this game, the Dolphins are the star of the show. It’s the same in any Seaworld attraction. Dolphins, aside from whales, can certainly delight people of all ages. Let your dolphins discover new tricks – sort of like teaching a new skill to your RPG hero – and watch how they awe the crowd. The more the audience goes wild, the more opportunity you’ll have to go to other places to wow the people there, so get to it!

Teach More Tricks in My Dolphin Show

How many tricks can you teach your Dolphin? Well, in the game, there are over 80 tricks to teach your dolphins. From simply jumping up out of the water to donut jumps and corkscrew leaps, watch as these dolphins make the show their own.

Pick your favorite tricks from among the stables and combine them to create one heck of a show, and then, dazzle the audience some more!

Create Your Levels and Shows

With all the tricks up your sleeve, you should look to create new levels in this game, The levels are playable by people you know – your friends, your family, everyone can try out these different levels. The levels can also be rated, so try to create a level that’ll dazzle everyone who plays it. It’s one of the many ways where you can climb on the leaderboard and be the top trainer the world over!

Deck Your Dolphin in Lavish Style

When your dolphin swims, you can collect different coins, which you can use to buy stuff to dress your dolphin with. There are many choices, but most are just up to your imagination! Whether it’s as a princess bride, or a fairy cheerleader, deck your Dolphin the way you want to.

There are also other animals to join your Dolphin in your fun SeaWorld, such as the ever-reliable Orca and the dangerous Shark. Heck, even throw in a mermaid for fun!

My Dolphin Show is a child-friendly game that lets you become a dolphin trainer. Do you think you can best the levels created by other players like you, or make one well-trained dolphin? Download the game for PC right now to try it out!

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